Spectator Info

The show is open to spectators from 12pm – 4pm, so come down and enjoy it with us!

Spectator tickets will be sold day of at the registration desk located on the north west side of the West Island indicated as the red marker on the map below.

Ticket prices are as follows:

$5 per individual over the age of 12

Free for children under the age of 12

Accepted payment types include cash and credit only (Many of the vendors are CASH ONLY, so bringing cash is recommended). 

How are you getting to OBLIVION II?

GO and TTC services will be running regularly to the Exhibition Grounds, which are only a short walk away.

Pedestrians can access the show by crossing the west most pedestrian bridge to Ontario Place with a direct line to the registration desk. Please note, the other pedestrian bridge shown will not bring you to the Registration desk, but the Cinesphere instead.

Coming by car?
Parking is available on Ontario Place lots at regular parking pricing. These lots and their charges are NOT affiliated with OBLIVION II, but with Ontario Place itself.

OBLIVION II spectators may also consider parking across the lakeshore pedestrian bridge, at the Exhibition Grounds to take advantage of alternative lot pricing (Lot 2 and Lot 4).

Parking in any locations have no affiliation with the OBLIVION II Car Show.

Things to do

The Cars

There will be 150+ 80s and 90s cars on display! Check out exotics like Ferrarris, DeLoreans, and Porsches, as well as mint condition daily drivers of the day! All cars are from 1980 through 1999. Awards will be presented at 3:30pm for best in show in various categories.

Music and Video Games

Have a dance party to the custom 80s and 90s playlist that will be running all day with all your old favs!

Visit the arcade to play all your old favourite video games, on old CRT TVs and full arcade machines.

RetrOntario will be on site with retro videos from the past!

Food, Drinks, Candy

There will be a number of food and drink vendors on site, see the Sponsors & Vendors page for a full list.


Check out BLK Cinema for vintage clothing and Milton Car Audio for all your car audio needs. There will also be OBLIVION merch available to purchase, including hypercolour t-shirts and neon fanny packs. 

Boat around

Ontario Place will have paddle boats and kayaks available for rental, so you can get out on the lake!