Spectator Admission

In keeping with this year’s vintage summer camp location, we’re offering old school options for you to enter CAMP OBLIVION! 

If you’re not bringing a classic ride, come and take in all the show as to offer – vintage arcade, era collectibles, food, music, and of course the cars! 

  1. Park and Shuttle to OBLIVION! (Lots of spaces!) 

Because that’s how most of us got to camp back in the day!  Park at (or take the GO train into) Milton Station and the CAMP OBLIVION School bus will take you directly into the camp, and back again!  Our busses will be running throughout the day to and from the stations. $10 

  1. Park and walk into OBLIVION! (Limited Spaces!) 

Park your car on the grounds of a neighboring property and walk a neat trail that goes directly into the camp! $20