OBLIVION II at Ontario Place



For 2019, OBLIVION evolves into a new form with a venue that just oozes the retro charm we crave – Ontario Place!

Not only has Ontario Place recently opened its grounds to events, but much of the original 80s and 90s structures
still exist and will be used at our event. For many, this will be the first time stepping back into what was a major
part of many childhood memories, and reliving those awesome times.

We have reserved the West Island and cove of the property for a multi level nostalgic experience on the water like no other. There is simply no other Canadian show that can take you back in time like this.

With 72,000 sq ft of memories, it is much more than just a show, it’s a full nostalgic experience! From the scenic entrance across the marina bridge, to the spots placed around the grounds, it’s a trip like no other.