Venue – Westmount Mall

In 2018, after much planning, the OBLIVION 80s and 90s Car and Culture show was born. Updating the word “Classic”, this one day event brought together all the best components of this awesome era – the music, the fashion, the video games, and of course the cars!  With each year and each new “once in a lifetime” venue, we find new ways to unlock those memories of your past.

For 2022 we go back to what was once THE place to be in the 80s and 90s – this perfectly preserved time capsule mall, complete with period architecture and skylights galore! Located just a 1.5 hr drive from the GTA, this is the setting for our INDOOR car display which extends throughout the entire mall and stores, as well as our full car layout outside. With room for pop up shops inside actual store spaces, we plan on having it truly be OBLIVION MALL. Join us and make Sunday August 14th 2022 a great day to go back – Let’s go to the Mall!

Things to do:

The Cars

There will be over 200 80s and 90s cars on display! Check out exotics, as well as mint condition commuters from your past.  Awards will be presented for best in show in various categories.

Music and Video Games

Rock out to the custom 80s and 90s playlist that will be running all day with all your old favs!
Visit the arcade to play all your old favourite video games, on CRT TVs and full arcade machines.
RetroOntario has provided some awesome retro videos from the past as well!

Food, Drinks, Candy

There will food trucks and beverages available, please see the Sponsors & Vendors page for a full list.


We will be in the mall, and so will a number of our new pop up shops and vendors!  There will also be OBLIVION merch available to purchase, including hypercolour t-shirts and neon fanny packs, era specific hats, stickers, slinkies and more!