Registration 2024

Registrations will open June 8th, 2024 on this page.

We are looking for the best, cleanest, and most era specific rides to make OBLIVION VI an even more immersive time warp! The more original / stock your car is the better, but period correct mods are also appreciated!

If you have an iconic ride made between January 1980 right up to December 2004, you will be able to apply for registration with 3 pictures of your car (OUTSIDE and INSIDE) its mileage, how long you’ve owned it and any unique details, and we will peruse your deets to let you know if your wheels are excellent enough to totally take us back!

Please note that given that the unique layout of our venue, we are kindly asking that you plan to have your car displayed for the duration of the outdoor show, 10am-4:30pm

Awards for:

√Best Japanese
√Best European
√Best Domestic
√Best Exotic
√Best Truck or Van
√Best Oddball
√Best Mint Daily Driver
√Best Movie Car
√Furthest distance
and Best Outfit!