Join us : Saturday August 25th 2018 at Milton Memorial Arena.
C:\OBLIVION\Ontarios 80s/90s only car and culture show.
The 80s and 90s are back from Oblivion this August with a show for the cars, the games, the tunes, and the threads of your past!
Celebrate our generation of classic and collector cars
(made from January 1980 to December 1999 ONLY) and the culture we loved here in Canada!  
Dig up your best 80s and 90s clothing because period correct dress is a must!
Bring your BMX , rollerblades, or skateboard for the on site half pipe!
Food trucks will be on site, plus enjoy the candy, the clothing, the collectibles, and play the video games you loved on big screens!
Awards for the best period correct outfit, best Japanese, European, and Domestic cars, and many other categories.
<Later is now – see you in OBLIVION!>
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